About Missy Hoffman

Missy is available for speaking engagements. If you would like more details, please email Missy or visit her Facebook author page by clicking HERE.

Missy Hoffman is the proud wife of Brandon since 1996. She is an adoptive mom and grandma to many. Missy’s heart’s desire is to serve God by loving others. As an adoptive mom since 1998, Missy has many experiences on the roller coaster ride of life in parenting children whose lives have been impacted by foster care. Over the years, Missy has been an advocate for foster care and adoption, and a speaker and trainer for churches and families. Missy enjoys serving in local church ministries for children and women.

Over thirty years ago, Missy was encouraged by her second-grade teacher, Miss Pickerell, to pursue her dream of writing. From that very young age, Missy felt called to journal and write, to share her story, to encourage others through the gift of words and story-telling.

Missy lives in central Kansas with her large family in a small home full of noise, chaos, and most importantly, love. She enjoys coffee chats with friends, quiet evenings watching movies with her husband, and precious free moments to dabble in many crafts, especially knitting and crocheting and Bible art journaling.