Merriam-Webster defines “REVIVE” as a verb meaning “to return to consciousness or life; become active or flourishing again. It is also an action which someone does “to restore to consciousness or life, to restore from a depressed, inactive, or unused state; bring back, or to renew in the mind or memory.”

My dream of writing has been REVIVED. Last fall, I had the privilege of attending Beth Jones’ Serene September Writer’s Getaway along with three other beautiful women writers. Beth shared her heart with us and encouraged us to follow God’s calling in our lives to write. The blog post linked above shares some of the details of the weekend.

What a beautiful time it was to share and dream and plan for projects that I have on my heart to write! I came home with a long list of at least 20 different writing project ideas. Some are books, some may be more of the length of a blog post, and some works will likely be written in collaboration with others.

It is time for this renewal. God has been calling me to write for most of my life, and I need step out in obedience and complete these projects. It’s going to take discipline and fresh insight. I am reminded of Romans 12:2 when we are encouraged to not be like the world, but to be “transformed by the renewal of [our] mind” to be able to “discern what is the will of God.”

I’m praying for clear discernment as I move forward with the writing that I believe God wants me to share. I choose to write in obedient response to His call. May my mind be renewed and REVIVED in this process, and I pray for the ones who will read my writing to experience renewal and revival as well.

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